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Thrive Island Survival

Thrive Island is an open world, sandbox survival game where your objective is to survive and thrive in this hostile environment. Hunt, explore and craft to survive! Use your building, crafting, exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive at all cost. You are stranded on a lost island and to your horror you have no idea how you got there. It almost feels like apocalypse. Explore the vast island and forest, and salvage anything that may help you survive before night comes! Are you a survivor? Survivors only last.

Thrive Island Survival

ThriveX Battle Royale

ThriveX Survival - Battlegrounds Royale game on your android device, know the rules of survival battle royale, shoot and fight for survival and be the winner. If you love playing unknown battlegrounds games or action shooting games, this single-player survivor royale game will delight you big time. Fight for your way and enjoy unlimited actions full of fun and excitement. Be the last man standing in the royale battlegrounds. This survivor royale is the right one if you are looking for top battle royale games or survival shooter games online.

ThriveX Battle Royal

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At Webstarks, we are focused on creating excellent Sandbox and RPG games. With over 5+ million downloads of our games, our gamers join us from across the world to be a part of an immersive and interactive storyline where they can create and experience a magical world full of surprises.

We are on a journey to extend our existing portfolio of engaging games to the metaverse leveraging Web3 technologies.


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Thrive island online

Q3 2023


AGE Of Crusade

Q4 2024